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First 5 pages of the Anlabban (or the Tala comic..whatever).   Slowly piecing together between work.   There will be a switch to black and white at some point to just get the thing out there, lest it never happen at all.

Art and concept are me.

Story is by Bennett

I’ll chime in when there’s an “official” launch of this thing. 

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The Addams Family inspired portfolio Part 2~ XD 
See Part 1 here! <3

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Featured Artist #25: Darren Bartley (Fightpunch)

Darren is a British artist that works for Ubisoft. His portfolio is mainly of sci-fi and horror creatures and his drawings have clean lines and beautiful textures.

More Darren@: | CGHub | deviantART | CfD


More: Featured Artists | RandomCfD Store |

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The Extraordinary Is In What We Do + Progress By Anna Kay

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All-girl barber shop quartet nails it!

Guys. Guys… Did I ever tell you how much I love barbershop quartets and women who can sing? Oh geez. This is too much.

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Taiwan Cloudscape by Allen Wei

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A character dump from my senior project about Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the oceans. The kokogiak isn’t included in the original legend, but I thought he could be a neat boss or npc to encounter in-game. 

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default album art
Song: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Artist: BlueNctrn
Album: Kingdom Hearts 3
Played: 444,525 times.




Kingdom Hearts 3 - Battle Theme of the Kingdom of Arendelle. (Imagined)

paragonpostcards DUDE DUDE DUDE


I don’t even like Kingdom Hearts and I want this to happen.

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Daily sketches!

18/02 - It started randomly but I actually used it for some business cards I printed.

19/02 - SuscrofaD did some cool things with his dot notebook and so I tried (but failed miserably).

20/02 - Drawing during class.

21/02 - Drawing at yesterday’s illustration con.

22/02 - Chilling with Sempereman, Lemongirl and Espartana after an expo.

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