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My work for the upcoming Doctor Who tribute show at Meltdown Comics! It’s here in LA on November 1st, and loads of talented artists have come out of the woodwork to share out love for the good Doctor.

With something like Doctor Who, there’s so much rich, amazing material to work from. Obviously you have the companions and a vibrant rogues gallery, but i’ve always really loved River Song, both her character and her unique relationship with the doctor. Sorting through her timeline requires a bit of a roadmap, but fortunately the internet was ahead of me on that one. Her story is powerful and beautiful and tragic AND she’s got big awesome curly hair, what’s not to love?


LISSAAAAA *shakes fist*

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the timelords by *littleulvar


the timelords by *littleulvar

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What happened to the other people who traveled with you?

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“I live for the days when I see him, but I know every time I do, he’ll be one step further away.” -River Song

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"Sweetie, did you loose the keys again?"

Birthday present for mytardisiscalledsexy.

"Sweetie, did you loose the keys again?"

Birthday present for mytardisiscalledsexy.

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Sherlock u ok?

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Doctor Who paper children

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Watching Ben Hur

Then I found it’s a remake.

But its got River Song in  it

So I’m watching it.


AND DYSON.  Without a beard, :o


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