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This is a Myka Bering Appreciation Post.  

In this post I am going to appreciate the hell out of what an amazing person Myka is.  Her world is crumbling apart all around her.  The Warehouse is gone, destroyed, rubble and ash.  She watched the woman she loved get vaporized in front of her.  She goes home to the B&B and finds out that Mrs. Frederick, Mrs. Frederick who in her mind is constant and unchanging is gone, just like everything else.  And in Artie’s hand lays possibility.  Lays hope for getting back (almost) all that has been lost.  Most people would be ‘yolo-ing’ and just focusing on getting the watch to work, but Myka Bering looks at the big picture.  You can see how much she wants to be selfish, how much she just wants to get H.G. back, but she won’t blunder into it and risk people getting hurt.  Even if it breaks her heart, Myka always protects and serves.

In conclusion, Myka Bering you complete inspire me.

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